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Explorer-like management console
MSMQ and ActiveMQ (new)

See what happens in your queues with auto-refreshing views. Extract business data from your messages or use one of XML, JSON, WCF views. Edit and fix problematic messages and send them back to queue. Send thousands for stress tests.

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Permanent queue monitoring

QueueMonitor QueueMonitor keeps constant watch on your MSMQ and its queues, and send you alerts or performs automatic fixes whenever something is wrong.

Some of these problems can stop processing of messages in your application, or even cause loss of important data!

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Introduction to MSMQ

New to MSMQ? Help distributed applications survive crashes and outages with MSMQ - one typical MSMQ scenario described.

Surviving poison messages in MSMQ

What happens when message in MSMQ can not be processed? If it fails repeatedly following messages will never be processed - queue will be blocked with so-called poison message. How to fight this situation?

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