QueueExplorer 3.0 Standard and Professional released

We released new major version of QueueExplorer. Here’s list of most important new features in QueueExplorer 3.0:

  • Message body is visible at all times, so it’s much easier to check several messages in a queue – body will be automatically displayed as you click on message.
  • Subqueues are supported if QueueExplorer runs on OS which offers that functionality (Windows Vista or higher).
  • Messages can be quickly filtered by any field, or you can even create more complex queries.
  • Performance is improved in several areas. Now it’s realistic to open, select, save or load queues with tens of thousands of messages.
  • New file format is compressed and much smaller than before, and it doesn’t need lot of memory during save/load as prevoius file format did.
  • WCF messages viewer.
  • Color coded XML editor replaced previous read-only XML view.